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ニューテックスは約40年の歴史を誇る アメリカの耐熱繊維製品専門メーカーです

High Temperature Textiles & Engineered Systems

Are your people and property exposed to extreme temperatures? Do you operate machinery and high-energy systems that require insulation? Is your business the safe transport of hazardous or combustible materials? When you need extreme protection from heat and fire, the temperature is Newtex.

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Founded in 1978

For over 35 years we have been a pioneer and leading producer of high performance textiles for thermal management and fire protection.

Made in the USA

Headquatered in Rochester, New York, our innovative products are designed, tested and produced in a 100,000 sqft. high-tech facility.

Trusted Globally

Our customers are located in over 70 countries worldwide. They all trust Newtex’s portfolio of products to protect their crews and equipment.

NPM Performance Materials

Newtex is the Gold Standard for Thermal Management & Fire Protection.

Newtex Performance Materials are woven into the fabric of our cities. We’re found on the backs, beneath the feet, and all around the people who melt, mold, build and protect. Our products wrap turbines, machinery and piping systems, and safeguard warehouses, hangars and malls.

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Heat, Fire & Smoke Resistant Fabrics


High temperature gasketing and insulation


High temperature fabric performance enhancements


Heat Resistant Ropes, Braids, and Tubings

Whether You…

Melt Mold Build Protect

You can always depend on Newtex

Solutions By

Application & Industry

Newtex Performance Materials are commonly used in refineries, foundries, shipyards, military & defense projects, construction sites, power generation, process equipment & petrochemical plants, and other environments. Learn more about the high temperature products that Newtex offers for your specific application or industry.

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NES Engineered Systems

Extreme temperature challenges call for more than off-the-shelf solutions.

When an architect wants the latest in fire curtain technology for a theater she’s designing, or a global transportation carrier needs to cover dangerous cargo with fire containment covers, they turn to Newtex to develop high temperature and fire containment solutions.

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We Provide

Custom Solutions

Our Engineered Systems team offers custom solutions through integrated design, prototyping, fabrication and testing services. We can collaborate with you and your team to develop and create custom solutions for any fire, smoke, or high temperature challenge assciated with buildings, ships, or equipment.

What Do Our Customers Say About Newtex?

“The suit itself, it surpassed my expectations…All things considered, I was pretty blown away with the level of performance it yielded. E/p>

Sam Cossman, The Volcano Diver

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NXP Protective Apparel

You can trust Newtex to keep your team safe.

If you’re a safety manager, you can trust Newtex extreme protective apparel. You’re responsible for the plant, equipment, and most importantly, the people, your friends. You can always count on Newtex to protect your guys.

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You Can

Trust Newtex

Our protective gear is superior because we strive to continuously innovate, test and improve on our designs. We provide insulated proximity, kiln, and fire entry suits, high temperature gloves and mitts, and aluminized clothing that will ensure your workers return home safely at the end of each day.

NXP Products by Category

Proximity Suits

The X Series is the most advanced PPE for protection from fire, steam, and extreme heat

Fire Entry

Heavily Insulated Suits for Engulfment

Gloves & Mitts

High temperature hand protection for industrial applications

Aluminized Apparel

Aluminized Personal Protective Equipment

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