Automotive & Transportation

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Automobiles, trucks & buses, off-road equipment, aircraft, motorcycles, and other vehicles require effective thermal insulation to improve fuel efficiency and performance while ensuring operator safety.  A broad range of our fabrics and tapes are widely used for heat shielding and exhaust system insulation.

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Application Description Recommended Products
Thermal Insulation & Heat Shielding Heat resistant fabrics and tapes are used to fabricate pads, blankets, curtains, shields, and exhaust wraps designed to retain heat or protect equipment from a heat source
Removable Insulation Systems High temperature fabrics and glass mat insulation are used for custom pre-fabricated insulation systems designed to accommodate easy access for maintenance and repair operations
Gasketing & Sealing High temperature tapes and ropes are used in a wide range of sealing applications, from mold and oven seals to flange gasketing and exhaust wrap
Fire Barriers Flexible, passive insulation systems and curtains are used to prevent the spread of smoke and fire