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Advanced Radiant Heat Protection

The Z-Flex® Multilayer Aluminization (MLA) process uses the latest aerospace thin film deposition technology to apply fine, highly reflective aluminum particles to both sides of a high temperature polymer film barrier.

The resulting Z-Flex® film is then chemically and mechanically bonded to a premium substrate fabric using a proprietary adhesive that is activated with both heat and pressure. The result is a finished fabric with superior bonding which will not delaminate under even the most demanding flexing conditions. The Z-Flex® line provides the highest achievable level of radiant reflectivity, chemical and moisture resistance, and thermal protection.

We also offer Z-Flex Aluminum Foil as a cost effective alternative to Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization. Z-Flex Aluminum Foil and Z-Flex MLA offer comparable protection, however, the foil is not suitable for applications where the material will be subject to twisting, vibration, or other repetitive movement.

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