Heat Resistant Specialty Tape

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Bolt Hole & Wire Reinforced Tape

Some applications require specialized tape, like bolt-hole tape for use in flange gasketing or wire reinforced tape for high vibration environments. We have the capability to develop custom tape and solutions for unique applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Image of Bolt-Hole Tapes

Bolt-Hole Tapes 

Bolt-hole tapes are woven without the warp yarns in the center to support bolt insertion in applications like flange gasketing.

Image of Wire Reinforced Tapes

Wire Reinforced Tapes 

Wire reinforced tapes are woven with stainless steel wire for added strength and vibration resistance.

Image of Z-Shield Hullboard Tapes

Z-Shield Hullboard Tapes 

Hull board tapes are coated with a high durability acrylic (HDA) for use with Naval ship hull board.