High Temperature Fabrics

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Heat, Fire & Smoke Resistant Fabrics

Image of Z-Flex Aluminized
Z-Flex Aluminized 

Z-Flex aluminized materials protect from extreme radiant heat, sparks, slag, and molten metal splash.

Image of Zetex & ZetexPlus Glass
Zetex & ZetexPlus Glass 

Zetex and ZetexPlus are the industry standard for thermal management & fire protection.

Image of Z-Block Fire & Smoke
Z-Block Fire & Smoke 

Z-Block is exceptionally resistant to fire, smoke, and adverse weather conditions.

Image of Z-Shield Welding
Z-Shield Welding 

Z-Shield acrylic coated fabrics protect from sparks and slag. Commonly used in welding and shipbuilding applications.

Image of Z-Fil Filament Glass
Z-Fil Filament Glass 

Z-Fil materials are strong and lightweight. Commonly used as facing & coating fabric.

Image of Z-Sil Silica
Z-Sil Silica 

Z-Sil is a flexible, high-silica fabric for the most extreme temperatures.

Image of Aramids & Performance
Aramids & Performance 

Aramid fabrics provide superior abrasion & puncture resistance. O-PAN, Rayon, and PBI offer comfort and insulation. Commonly used for PPE.

Image of Z-Tuff Barriers
Z-Tuff Barriers 

Z-Tuff silicone and PTFE coated products offer abrasion and heat resistance. Silicone provides better UV, water, and abrasion resistance.

Heat Resistant Materials

Newtex offers an impressive selection of high temperature fabrics including ones made from texturized & filament fiberglass, para-aramids & meta-aramids, Rayon, O-PAN, PBI, and other advanced technical fibers.