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Z-Block Fire Containment Bag for Personal Electronic Devices

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Quickly contain Lithium-Ion battery fires caused by Laptops, Tablets, and other PEDs

The Z-Block™ Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Containment Bag is designed to contain fires caused by the Lithium-Ion batteries used to power laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices (PEDs). This product is most commonly used aboard aircraft and in other contained spaces where a lithium-ion battery fire is likely to lead to extensive property damage or loss of life. The Z-Block™ fire and smoke resistant materials used to fabricate this product have been tested in accordance with FAA standards. The bag is easy to store, easy to use, and requires minimal training. It is currently available in 2 sizes: 16" x 18" or 18" x 24" (41 cm x 46 cm or 46 cm x 61cm). We can also fabricate custom sizes and designs for large orders.

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Z-Block Material Testing and Certifications:

  • ISO 12236 - Static Puncture Test
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FAR 25 Appendix F Part III - Flame Penetration Resistance
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FAR 25 Appendix F Part V - Smoke Density
  • UL 1784 - Smoke Penetration
  • BSS 7239 - Non-Toxicity of Products of Combustion


Available Sizes:

  • Small: 16" x 18" / 41 cm x 46 cm
  • Large: 18" x 24" / 46 cm x  61 cm
  • Custom: Minimum order requirements apply
  • ASTM D6413 - Vertical Flame Resistance
  • ASTM E-84 - Surface Flame Spread and Smoke Density
  • ASTM F-955 - Molten Metal Resistance
  • ASTM E-119 - Furnace Tested