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Aluminized Personal Protective Equipment

Image of Jackets

The X10 and X20 jackets provide lightweight and comfortable protection from radiant heat, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Image of Aprons

The X10 and X20 bib aprons are allow for freedom of movement and protection from splash and splatter.

Image of Sleeves

Our 15" and 18" aluminized sleeves protect your arms while allowing you to maintain flexibility.

Image of Hoods

Lightweight aluminized hoods with full shoulder length drapes provide complete protection for the head, face, and neck.

Image of Pants

The X10 and X20 pants are lightweight and feature sewn-in suspenders for extreme protection and comfort.

Image of Boots & Boot Covers
Boots & Boot Covers 

The X20 boot covers and X30 boots are designed to be worn over work boots to protect for splash and splatter.

Z-Flex Aluminized Clothing

We manufacture a range of aluminized clothing for use in foundry and casting operations, power generation, processing facilities, and other environments where workers are exposed to extreme radiant heat. All of our personal protective apparel is made with Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminized fabrics, the most durable and effective aluminized protection available. All Newtex Extreme Protective products are made in the United States.