Legacy Proximity Suits

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The X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit is a new and improved version of the NXP 150 & 550.

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In 2015, we introduced a brand new line of proximity and fire entry suits called the X Series. The X Series includes the X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit which is an updated and improved version of the NXP 150 and NXP 550 Suits. The X Series Suits offers a more athletic and tailored fit, a wider range of sizes, and a shorter lead time. 

The NXP 150 and NXP 550 Suits will no longer be available after December 2016.


Image of NXP 150 Proximity Suit

NXP 150 Proximity Suit 

The NXP 150 Proximity Suit is a lightweight approach suit designed for radiant heat protection, flexibility, and freedom of movement.

Image of NXP 550 Proximity Suit

NXP 550 Proximity Suit 

The NXP 550 Proximity Suit is lightweight aluminized suit with a neoprene vapor barrier for protection from steam, vapor, and hot liquids.